The Westmoore Kickoff Club was formed to broaden the involvement of the students, the student’s families, the business community, and the school through activities to promote spirit and provide financial assistance to the Westmoore High School football team.

Ways We Carry Out Our Mission

  • Team meals before home games
  • Decorating locker room and stadium
  • Providing charter team buses to playoffs
  • Food for team camps
  • Homecoming activities
  • Locker room wall pyramid
  • Training room equipment
  • Coaches’ clinics and books
  • Meals for away games
  • Championship shirts for team
  • End-of-year banquet
  • Senior Night activities

Financial Resources

  • Family membership dues
  • Merchandise sales
  • Game concessions
  • Coaches’ fundraiser
  • Banner sales
  • Business sponsorships
  • Jamboree concessions
  • Quarter Sponsorships
  • Lift-a-thon
  • Website advertising
  • Cable television game ads
  • 1560 AM Franchise 2 radio sponsorships

How to make a Positive Difference in Your Student’s Football Experiences

  • Become a Westmoore Football Kickoff Club member
  • Support the Club through fundraisers and merchandise sales
  • Encourage your business associates to become a sponsor
  • Donate your time and talents to help with booster club and team events

Your volunteer work and financial support are vital to developing a premier football program and a positive experience for your Westmoore players, managers, and coaches.


Freshman | JV Games Concessions

Team Meals

  • Lorenzo Williams
    Lorenzo Williams CEO


  • Oran Steward
    Oran Steward President


  • Mark Palmer
    Mark Palmer Vice President


  • Becky Killman
    Becky Killman Treasurer


  • Shari Dowell
    Shari Dowell Secretary


  • Ambrea Grant
    Ambrea Grant Sr. Class Rep


  • Randy Wright
    Randy Wright Sr. Class Rep


  • Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson Jr Class Rep


  • Clint Hayes
    Clint Hayes Jr Class Rep


  • Crystal Berdinner
    Crystal Berdinner So Class Rep


  • Tammy Raydon
    Tammy Raydon Freshman Class Rep


  • JR Richardson
    JR Richardson Freshman Class Rep
  • Amy Rodgers
    Amy Rodgers Senior Class Representative
  • Michelle King
    Michelle King Sophomore Representative